Twitter_Helpers::add_twitter_api_settings( $tabs )

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File: src/integrations/twitter/helpers/twitter-helpers.php

	public function add_twitter_api_settings( $tabs ) {

		$tab_url                    = admin_url( 'edit.php' ) . '?post_type=uo-recipe&page=uncanny-automator-settings&tab=' . $this->setting_tab;
		$tabs[ $this->setting_tab ] = array(
			'name'           => __( 'Twitter', 'uncanny-automator' ),
			'title'          => __( 'Twitter account settings', 'uncanny-automator' ),
			'description'    => sprintf( '<p>%s</p>', __( 'Connecting to Twitter requires signing into your account to link it to Automator. To get started, click the "Connect an account" button below or the "Disconnect account" button if you need to disconnect or connect a new account. Uncanny Automator can only connect to a single Twitter account at one time. (It is not possible to set some recipes up under one account and then switch accounts, all recipes are mapped to the account selected on this page and existing recipes may break if they were set up under another account.)', 'uncanny-automator' ) ),
			'settings_field' => 'uap_automator_twitter_api_settings',
			'wp_nonce_field' => 'uap_automator_twitter_api_nonce',
			'save_btn_name'  => 'uap_automator_twitter_api_save',
			'save_btn_title' => __( 'Save settings', 'uncanny-automator' ),
			'fields'         => array(),

		return $tabs;