Fluent_Crm_Helpers::do_fluent_crm_actions( mixed $subscriber, string $old_status )

Our callback function to attach the trigger ‘automator_fluentcrm_status_update’.

Parameters Parameters


(mixed) (Required) The accepted subscriber object from status_action.


(string) (Required) The old status.

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Return Return


Source Source

File: src/integrations/fluent-crm/helpers/fluent-crm-helpers.php

	public function do_fluent_crm_actions( $subscriber, $old_status ) {
		// Make sure to only trigger once. For some reason, Fluent CRM is triggering this twice.
		if ( ! self::$has_run ) {
			do_action( 'automator_fluentcrm_status_update', $subscriber, $old_status );
			self::$has_run = true;