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Returns the list of options for the action.


Return Return

(array) The fields.

Source Source

File: src/integrations/facebook-groups/actions/facebook-group-publish-post.php

	public function get_options_group() {
		return array(
			$this->get_action_meta() => array(
				Automator()->helpers->recipe->facebook_groups->options->get_groups_field( $this->get_action_meta() ),
					'option_code' => 'FACEBOOK_GROUP_MESSAGE',
					'input_type'  => 'textarea',
					'label'       => esc_attr__( 'Message', 'uncanny-automator' ),
					'description' => esc_attr__( 'Enter the message that you want to post on Facebook. Please take note that this action might fail when posting the same messages within short intervals.', 'uncanny-automator' ),
					'required'    => true,