Warning: This method has been deprecated. Use Automator()->process->user-> instead.

Automator_Functions::maybe_add_trigger_entry( $args,  $mark_trigger_complete = true )

Matches recipes against trigger meta/code. If a recipe is found and not completed, add a trigger entry in to the DB and matches number of times.

Parameters Parameters





Default value: true

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Return Return


Source Source

File: src/core/lib/class-automator-functions.php

	public function maybe_add_trigger_entry( $args, $mark_trigger_complete = true ) {
		if ( defined( 'AUTOMATOR_DEBUG_MODE' ) && true === AUTOMATOR_DEBUG_MODE ) {
			_doing_it_wrong( 'maybe_add_trigger_entry', 'Please use Automator()->process->user->maybe_add_trigger_entry() instead.', 3.0 );

		return $this->process->user->maybe_add_trigger_entry( $args, $mark_trigger_complete );

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
3.0 Introduced.