Automator_DB::action_log_view_query( $group_by = true )

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Default value: true

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File: src/core/class-automator-db.php

	public static function action_log_view_query( $group_by = true ) {
		global $wpdb;
		$qry = "SELECT a.automator_action_id,
					a.date_time AS action_date,
					a.completed AS action_completed,
					a.ID AS action_log_id,
					a.automator_recipe_log_id AS recipe_log_id,
					r.date_time AS recipe_date_time,
					r.completed AS recipe_completed,
					r.run_number AS recipe_run_number,
					pa.post_title AS action_title,
					am.meta_value AS action_sentence,
					p.post_title AS recipe_title,
					u.ID AS user_id,
			FROM {$wpdb->prefix}uap_action_log a
			LEFT JOIN {$wpdb->prefix}uap_recipe_log r
			ON a.automator_recipe_log_id = r.ID
			LEFT JOIN {$wpdb->posts} p
			ON p.ID = a.automator_recipe_id
			JOIN {$wpdb->posts} pa
			ON pa.ID = a.automator_action_id
			LEFT JOIN {$wpdb->prefix}uap_action_log_meta am
			ON a.automator_action_id = am.automator_action_id AND am.automator_action_log_id = a.ID AND am.user_id = a.user_id AND am.meta_key = 'sentence_human_readable_html'
			LEFT JOIN {$wpdb->users} u
			ON a.user_id = u.ID";
		if ( $group_by ) {
			$qry .= ' GROUP BY a.ID';
		return apply_filters(