Add_Mailchimp_Integration::plugin_active( $status,  $code )

Only load this integration and its triggers and actions if the related plugin is active

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File: src/integrations/mailchimp/add-mailchimp-integration.php

	public function plugin_active( $status, $code ) {

		$is_enabled = true;

		$directories = array(

		$pro_integration_helpers_path = ABSPATH . implode( DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $directories ) . '/mailchimp-pro-helpers.php';

		// If the helper file exists in pro it means, the pro version still contains the old helper file.
		if ( file_exists( $pro_integration_helpers_path ) && $this->is_automator_pro_active() ) {

			$is_enabled = false;


		return $is_enabled;