JWT::encode( object|array $payload, string|resource $key, string $alg = 'HS256', mixed $keyId = null, array $head = null )

Converts and signs a PHP object or array into a JWT string.

Parameters Parameters


(object|array) (Required) PHP object or array


(string|resource) (Required) The secret key. If the algorithm used is asymmetric, this is the private key


(string) (Optional) The signing algorithm. Supported algorithms are 'ES384','ES256', 'HS256', 'HS384', 'HS512', 'RS256', 'RS384', and 'RS512'

Default value: 'HS256'


(mixed) (Optional)

Default value: null


(array) (Optional) An array with header elements to attach

Default value: null

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Return Return

(string) A signed JWT

Source Source

File: vendor/firebase/php-jwt/src/JWT.php

    public static function encode($payload, $key, $alg = 'HS256', $keyId = null, $head = null)
        $header = array('typ' => 'JWT', 'alg' => $alg);
        if ($keyId !== null) {
            $header['kid'] = $keyId;
        if (isset($head) && \is_array($head)) {
            $header = \array_merge($head, $header);
        $segments = array();
        $segments[] = static::urlsafeB64Encode(static::jsonEncode($header));
        $segments[] = static::urlsafeB64Encode(static::jsonEncode($payload));
        $signing_input = \implode('.', $segments);

        $signature = static::sign($signing_input, $key, $alg);
        $segments[] = static::urlsafeB64Encode($signature);

        return \implode('.', $segments);